Meet the Chiropractors

Dr. Michael Rihn and Dr. Teresa Rihn are a Helotes chiropractor who serves Helotes and the surrounding communities in TX . 

Dr. Michael Rihn graduated from Parker University in 1992 where he studied over 150 different chiropractic techniques. Prior to that he was a firefighter for the San Antonio Fire Department. He specializes in internal medicine, sports medicine, accupuncture, biophysics, mechanical traction and decompression. His hobbies include hunting and fishing, water sports,gardening, and BBQ'ing. 

Dr. Teresa Rihn graduated from Parker University in 1994 where she studied over 150 different chiropractic techniques. Her specialties are CRA,NET,AK,and nutrition. She enjoys hunting and fishing with her husband,reading, and doing crafts. She is currently board eligible for DABCI 

Both of the doctors use chiropractic care to improve the health and wellness in all areas of patient's lives, whether they are having problems with back pain or neck pain, or just want to start feeling better when they wake up in the morning. The doctors take a "whole person" approach in chiropractic care, which means looking for the underlying causes of disease, discomfort, and pain, as opposed to just treating the symptoms. Many seemingly unrelated symptoms often arise from imbalances in the spinal column, and they will be able to determine the root of the pain and figure out the best treatment plan for you. 

If you have any questions about our Helotes chiropractor, or would like to learn more about chiropractic care at Helotes Chiropractic Clinic, please call us at 210-695-5557 today!